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  1. grouse: [adjective] excellent; " awesome ". Australian slang. Those socks are grouse! See more words with the same meaning: good, okay, cool, awesome, fun.
  2. grouse 1 (grous) n. pl. grouse or grous·es Any of various plump, chiefly ground-dwelling gallinaceous birds of the subfamily Tetraoninae of northern North America and Eurasia, characteristically having feathered legs and nostrils and mottled plumage. [Origin unknown.] grouse 2 (grous) Informal intr.v. groused, grous·ing, grous·es To complain; grumble.
  3. grouse definition: 1. a small fat bird, shot for sport and food 2. an angry complaint 3. to complain angrily. Learn more.
  4. Grouse / ɡ r aʊ s / are a group of birds from the order Galliformes, in the family are frequently assigned to the subfamily Tetraoninae (sometimes Tetraonidae), a classification supported by mitochondrial DNA sequence studies, and applied by the American Ornithologists' Union, ITIS, and others. Grouse inhabit temperate and subarctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, from Class: Aves.
  5. Grouse, any of a number of game birds in the family Tetraonidae (order Galliformes).In addition to species called grouse, the group includes several birds known by particular names, such as the capercaillie and prairie chicken (see below) and the order Columbiformes contains the most famous Old World member is the black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix), of Wales, .
  6. Grouse definition is - any of various chiefly ground-dwelling birds (family Tetraonidae) that are usually of reddish-brown or other protective color and have feathered legs and that include many important game birds. How to use grouse in a sentence.
  7. George was the man who invented it and wrote and published Grouse Covers in the early 's. He is the man who got Crown Publishers to reprint Spiller's classics, Grouse Feathers and More Grouse Feathers, which were only available in the original Derrydale editions, both expensive and difficult to feuwhiproeskiderprop.centbestthatsracafonemonniphywerma.cos: 9.
  8. A misspelling of "Gross". That show about a loli loving her brother is GROSE! It's spelled "gross", they are not related by blood, and were going out before their parents married.
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